September 04, 2018

JavaScript, The King Of Modern Application Development

Department of CS

JavaScript(JS) is a programming language of the web. It is commonly used to make the web pages more interactive. Many websites use it to provide more features and improve user experience. All of the browsers that we use today have a dedicated JavaScript engine to execute it.  JavaScript was originally named Mocha and then LiveScript and finally JavaScript.  A common misunderstanding is that JavaScript is similar to Java. They both are different languages. Initially JavaScript was developed as a client-side scripting language but with the invention of Node.js, it can also be used as a server-side language which can be executed without a browser. JavaScript is based on the ECMAScript(ES) specification which standardizes it.
Today JavaScript has become very popular and it keeps expanding its application area. Its use is not limited to the web. Desktop applications, mobile applications can also be created with it. Technology giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft use it to build complex web applications. One of the reasons for its popularity is the availability of vast free and open source frameworks and libraries.
Front end web development can be done using a framework or just plain JS code. Vanilla JavaScript is a term used to indicate a plain JavaScript code without the using any framework or library. Some of the most popular front end JS frameworks are Angular, React.js, Vue.js. These frameworks are used to build Single Page Applications (SPA). SPA is a web application or a web site that interacts with the user dynamically without reloading the entire page from the server. There is a popular JS library called JQuery which is designed to simplify client-side scripting. Famous companies such as Google, Microsoft use Angular in the front end to provide better user experience.
With the help of Node.js, back end development can also be done using JS. Node.js is an open source, cross platform JS run-time environment that executes JS code outside of a browser. It lets the developers use JS to write command line tools and server-side scripts. It uses a package manager called npm. This package manager makes it easier for the developers to publish and share the source code. It also simplifies the process of adding and removing different libraries developed by others. Express.js is one of the popular free and open source server-side frameworks for Node.js. It can be used to create server-side scripts and APIs. Global companies such as Netflix, LinkedIn, NASA use Node.js in their servers.
The power of JS is not limited to the web. It has also conquered mobile application development area.  React Native, Ionic, NativeScript are some of the most trending frameworks currently being used for mobile application development. All of these support both Android and IOS operating systems. The main advantage of these frameworks is that code is written only once and application can be published to any platform desired without having to rewrite the code. The mobile applications of Facebook, Instagram, Skype are using React Native.
Desktop applications can also be developed with JS. Electron is a popular JS framework used to build cross platform desktop applications with JS, HTML and CSS.  Applications can be written using JS and it can be published to Windows, Linux or Mac without having to rewrite the code. It is used in most popular desktop applications such as Visual Studio Code, Atom, Discord and Spotify.
Video games, machine learning, real-time communication and a lot more can be done using JS.  Phaser.js is a HTML5 game framework that can be used to build video games. For machine learning there is a framework called brain.js which is a library of neural networks. is a framework that provides for real-time, bidirectional and event-based communication facility. It can be used for instant messaging and real-time analytics.
 JS covers many areas in the software field.  This is mainly due to the fact that there is no real competitor to it. However there are alternative languages such as CoffeeScript, Dart and TypeScript but ultimately they are transpiled to JS in the end. JS keeps evolving every day and it is here to stay for a long time. – Hrishikesha. U, III BCA

August 10, 2018

Technical talk on 'Web Development Languages and Tools'

Department of CS

IT Club organised a technical talk on 'Web Development Languages and Tools'  on 8th of August 2018 by the resource person Mr.Nishant Bhat, trainee at Wipro Limited.This technical talk was arranged to focus the need of Web development languages and tools for the Final year BCA as it will help them in their Project Development and their Future Career.

August 04, 2018

Technical Talk on 'Computing Basics'

Department of CS

A technical talk on 'Computing Basics' was Organised by IT CLUB on 2nd of August 2018.The Resource person was one of the Alumni student of our College Mr.Nishant Bhat , trainee at Wipro Limited. The technical talk was arranged for the students of 1st year BCA, the talk concentrated on informing the fresher students about the Computer and its Basic Activities.The talk ended in a Interacting session educating students with the knowledge of computer.

July 19, 2018

Inauguration of IT club 2018-19

Department of CS

IT Club activities for the Academic Year 2018-19 got inaugurated on 18th of July 2018, the club was inaugurated by Asst.Professor Mr.S.Ruban of AIMIT,Mangalore .

The Inaugural Function was followed by a technical talk on 'Data Science' by the resource person Asst.Professor Mr.S.Ruban  Department of Computer Science,AIMIT, Mangalore .
In this talk he focused on enlightening the students to learn and explore the use and application of DATA in our daily life. This talk was explained with great examples comprising of our daily social life making it easier for the students to grasp the Knowledge provided.

July 13, 2018

IT Club Council Members for the Year 2018-19

Department of CS

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. "-Nelson Mandela.

Extracurricular activities are the activities you participate in outside of the regular classroom environment.Getting involved in activities outside of school can help these students meet new people with whom they share interests and improve their social skills as a result. Extracurricular activities also help students to expand their network, which is beneficial for finding career opportunities after graduation, With these Ideas the IT CLUB looks forward for the year 2018-19 

The following students have been selected as the Council Members for the Academic Year 2018-19:

Mr.Abhijeet Sapalya , III BCA -  President

Mr.Siddhartha Mallya , III BCA -   Vice President

Mr.Kaushik G N, II BCA - Secretary

Ms.Joanita Sharol D'Souza , III BCA - Joint Secretary

January 21, 2018

Technical talk on ‘Software Automation’

Department of CS

A technical talk on ‘Software automation’ was organised by IT club on 08th August 2017. Resource person for the talk was Mr. Keshava Moorthy , General Manager , Infinyvalue , Bangalore.                                       

He explained automation of different IT fields and its significance in the overall development of IT industry. While explaining the importance of software automation, he opined that one can develop the quality IT products with less budget and less resources by using automation technique. He suggested the students to learn new software and related tools, so that they can face the IT slowdown efficiently. 

Talk on 'Entrepreneurship and Career Guidance'

Department of CS

IT Club in association with Placement & Training Cell Organised talk on ‘Entrepreneurship and Career Guidance ‘to Final Year B.C.A/B.Sc Computer Science Students on 01-08-2017. Mr. Shreemukha, Entrepreneur & Founder of C-key and was resource person. In his talk he said Interest in subject and hardwork brings success in our career. He opined that in addition to Academic knowledge, students should develop soft skills required for entrepreneurship. 

Technical talk on ‘Editing Techniques in Photoshop'

Department of CS

IT Club Organised a technical talk on ‘Editing Techniques in Photoshop’  on  11th July 2017. Mr. Puneeth , Computer Technician , Department of Computer Science , Vivekananda College, Puttur  was  resource person. He explained various tools available for editing image in Photoshop. He demonstrated the topic with different tools and example.

Inauguration of IT club 2017-18

Department of CS

Academic year 2017-18, IT-Club activities are inaugurated by Dr. Santhosh. B, Asst.Professor AIMIT, Mangalore on 08-07-2017.

Then, IT Club  Organised a technical talk on  ‘Software Application  Development’. Dr. Santhosh .B , Assistant Professor , Department of Computer Science, AIMIT, Mangalore   was  resource person. In his talk he said, research and practical knowledge improves our expertise in the subject. He explained different sites and sources for the online project development.

IT-Club Activities for the Academic year 2017-18

Department of CS

Education goes well beyond the coursework. Extracurricular activities can form a vital part of experience and creating unique opportunities for learning. The IT Club provides students with opportunities to discuss various IT issues outside the classroom in order to create a greater appreciation for and understanding of technology. Various Activities like workshops, technical talks and seminars are conducted and different competitions are organized

The following students are elected office bearers of IT Club for the year 2017-2018.
Ms Shreya S III BCA - President
Mr Nishanth Bhat K, III BCA - Vice President
Ms Jonita Sharol D’Souza, II BCA - Secretary