May 20, 2020

Corona Virus and Technology

Corona Virus and Technology


Corona virus, the pandemic that has been the major problem in the world right now. People are getting infected and killed due to this virus. The governments in every country including India has issued lock down to prevent from virus, so we must obey the orders and take some certain measures to prevent spreading of this virus. In India we are in the stage of having more and more patients because all the shops, vehicles has been reopened, due to this there will be the gathering of people so the spreading of the virus is more. There must not have the belief of lock down is eternal, but some certain measures that should be taken to control from spreading of the virus. People must understand this situation and must take care of themselves by staying at home, maintaining social distance, wearing masks and several other measures. If we follow these measures then we can prevent from getting infected.

Now let us know how technologies are used to deal with this corona virus pandemic.

As IT professionals around the globe go all out to help a workforce that is out of nowhere completely remote, numerous technology laborers and organizations are likewise joining efforts to lighten the Corona virus emergency in different manners, including creating products to battle the virus, tracking and anticipating its spread, and shielding medical clinics from cyber attacks.

Innovation fueled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping track the outbreak, clean hospitals, deliver supplies and develop vaccines, with Asian governments urging colleges and enterprises to speed up technologies.

While the COVID-19 pandemic is making a significant delay in the worldwide economy, it’s assisting with accelerating the advancement and commercialization of several advances that recently got lukewarm public and/or government support. This is particularly valid for developments that lessen human to human contact, automate procedures and increase efficiency in the midst of social distancing.

Mobile Apps: The Government of India has Launched Arogya Setu app to deal with COVID-19.

The stated purpose of Arogya Setu app is to spread awareness of COVID-19 and to connect essential COVID-19 - related health services to the people of India. This app augments the initiatives of the Department of Health to contain COVID-19 and shares best practices and advisories. It is a tracking app which uses the smartphone's GPS and Bluetooth features to track the corona virus infection. The app is available for Android and iOS mobile operating systems. With Bluetooth, it tries to determine the risk if one has been near (within six feet of) a COVID-19 infected person, by scanning through a database of known cases across India. Using location information, it determines whether the location one is in belongs to one of the infected areas based on the data available.

We will fight this virus and also we will win this fight. So stay home not only for you but also for your family and the loved ones who cares for you…

Stay Home Stay Safe.

-Swaroop D

2nd BCA

Department of Computer Science

Vivekananda college, Puttur D.K

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