December 31, 2016

Age of the Selfie

On July 7, Russia issued a 'safe selfie' guide after 100 –odd people were injured and 10 died, this year alone, while taking selfies; a women who accidentally shot herself in the head miraculously survived. What was, until 2012, an innocuous smart phone tool now annoys as many people as it excites, riding on the increasing popularity of social media sites/ apps like facebook, twitter and instagram.

The Origin: The earliest known usage of the word 'selfie' was on an Australian online forum on September 13,2002. The selfie became popular with the INTRODUCTION OF FRONT CAMERA IN THE IPHONE 4, which was launched in june 2010. It first appeared as a hash tag on a photo-sharing site in 2004. Before the selfie craze for the 'My Space Pic'-a self portraittaken infront of the mirror and posted on Myspace.  

Where Selfies are Banned: n MECCA n La Garoupe beach, France n Running of the bulls event, Pamplona, Spain. n In august 2014, New York banned the popular 'tiger selfies'.

- Rashmi M.


Department of Computer Science

Vivekananda college, Puttur D.K

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