January 03, 2017

Interesting facts about robots

  1.  “Robots “   comes from the Czech word robota , meaning “drudgery”.

  2. Modern robots can respond to emotion and to the smell of fine wines.

  3. More than a million, industrial robots are now in use, nearly half of them in Japan.

  4. MIT’s Media Lab is trying to make robots personal, developing RoCo-a computer with a monitor for a head and neck- and Leonardo, a sort of super –Furly designed to respond to emotional cues.

  5. Cybernetics professor Kevin Warwick calls himself the world’s first cyborg, with computer chips implemented in his left arm. He can remotely operate doors, an artificial hand and an electronic wheeler.

  6. Elektro, the world’s first humanoid robot, debuted in 1939.Built by Westinghouse, the seven-foot-tall walking machine “spoke “ more than 700 words stored on 78-rpm records to simulate conversion.
- Shreya S

Department of Computer Science

Vivekananda college, Puttur D.K

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